Slaves Are Better Off!

I read the synopsis of one of those right-wing crap rags that claimed the descendants of slaves are better off than they would be in their own countries.

These people were kidnapped. They were tortured. They were sold into slavery. They were RAPED. They were BRED like fucking ANIMALS to be strong, so that they would be good at manual labor.

And you’re going to tell me that those people are better off?




I live with a horrible skin condition

I live with a horrible skin condition

Logging Onto OkCupid

"Hey, she’s cute! Let’s check her out."

"I’m a lady looking for a nice gentleman…."


Was just writing a scene where a character has a job interview. It reminded me of my last round of job interviews, and I got so depressed that I had to stop writing.

Want to know how I know that you’re not at all interesting and unique?

Want to know how I know that you’re not at all interesting and unique?

Ok, let’s get geeky with it up in this bitch!

Red - who cares? Really, what would the benefits of this be?

Blue - boring, but VERY practical. This is my second choice.

Orange - This is my first choice! But, you have to think about what this will do to your clothes and skin. Do I have the secondary powers that prevent my skin from getting all fucked up? And my clothes? Would my brain work fast enough to allow me to process the things I’m seeing so I can not run into buildings and cars and shit? How tired would I get? This is really what I feel would be the best power to have if the secondary powers were there. For one, you wouldn’t need a car. That saves a shitload of money. Two, the amount of force you would have using that much speed would make you awesome in a fight. It would be awesome at work. So that’s my first choice.

Purple - What the fuck would you even use this for?!

Yellow - This shit is creepy and is so selfish. There’s nothing you can use this for that would make the world a better place.

Green - Why?

Grey - What would you do with this? How intricate can you get with it? Like can I just lift boxes with it, or can I tie my shoes? If I can get super intricate and can use it to do things like tie my shoes, or push buttons, etc, this will probably be my third choice.

Pink - How often do you really have wounds that need healing? HOWEVER, what counts as a wound? Arthritis? Bad eye sight? Shitty joints? Fibromyalgia? If you could that, you could basically live forever. You would also be the most amazing doctor in the world! If diseases count as wounds. Do they? God only knows.

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People are always giving me shit about the stickers on my guitars. “Ugh why would you do that to your guitar?”

Uh because everyone awesome does it?

What if the dip from Roger Rabbit doesn’t kill toons, but just makes them spend eternity as a immobile liquid, trapped in their own mind and pain?

People who won’t read The Fault In Our Stars because they “don’t like sad books.”

…I just heard that there are erotic fanfiction competitions.

Why is this news I’ve just heard now? I feel like a hole in my life has just been filled. One that I didn’t even know was there.