Kind of Like Spitting - We Are Both Writers

Today and tonight was fucking amazing, my throat is all scratchy and I am so in love.

When I first heard Rancid, or Bad Religion, or Monster Magnet, or Slayer, I heard music I heard in my head. I heard those things for the first time and thought “THIS is what music is supposed to sound like.”

When I first heard Mountain Goats and Kind of Like Spitting, it changed the way I thought about how music was supposed to sound and recorded. At the time, Mountain Goats were only one guy with an acoustic guitar and a boombox. Like, holy shit. This was music I had never even thought of, and it sounded fucking good, unlike most music I had never thought of.

While everyone was obsessed with getting signed to Drive Thru, I just wanted to record albums on a boombox.

(via continuants)

ArtistKind Of Like Spitting
TitleWe Are Both Writers
AlbumBridges Worth Burning