So I don’t get upset when people make grammatical errors. There are three forms of “there.” I can understand people getting them mixed up. It happens.

If there’s one thing I can’t abide, it’s putting the fucking $ AFTER the number. It is fucking $5. Not 5$. It is never EVER 5$. Sometimes, there can be their or they’re or there. Oh I mixed them up. But when the fuck is it ever 5$? Never. That’s when.

So I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard me rant about this before. But today it’s a bit different. I had a new follower so I checked out their blog.

First entry on the page…. 65$. Ok. Obviously he’s stupid. TWO entries down, there’s a picture of a sale sign in a super market for $2.69.

I blocked him because I really don’t want someone looking at my blog who’s brain has clearly melted right the fuck out of his god damn skull.